Indoor Air Quality Testing - VOCs, Formaldehyde and Mold

Whether you are looking to buy a home, sell one, or are just interested in good home maintenance, you want to make sure the air in the home is safe to breathe. 

Here are some important facts to know:

  1. The EPA has reported that home air can have 100 times more chemicals inside than outside.

  2. The EPA has also reported that adults and kids now spend most of their time indoors (90%). 

  3. The CDC has reported that 20+ million adults have asthma, and the National Asthma Survey has reported that asthma is the most prevalent chronic disease among children. These numbers continue to increase annually, suggesting that the indoor environment plays a contributing role in this trend. 

  4. Mold growth can be present within the home and be hidden behind walls or underneath carpeting or flooring. 

  5. The use of Formaldehyde is prevalent in certain building materials and the concentration of this known cancer-causing agent can be many times the safe level.

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Buying a home

When purchasing a home, always select a home inspector that will diligently review the structural, electrical, and plumbing components of the home before you buy. This way, any issues uncovered can be corrected before closing and move-in. You should also be sure they offer protection for when breakdowns occur after the inspection.

But how do you determine if the Indoor Air Quality of the home will jeopardize the health of you and your family? See how a low-cost Indoor Air Quality Assessment can find potential hidden issues with a home and protect your future investment. 

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Selling a home

If you are selling a home, it's wise to have a pre-listing inspection performed to uncover potential issues and fix them in order to present buyers with a well-maintained home. Doing this prior will save time, money, and effort as most repairs requested during escrow often need to be completed on short deadlines.

Many home buyers are now also requesting Indoor Air Quality audits. See how you can use a low cost test to make sure your home air quality is within safe limits and to identify potential issues that can be remediated prior to putting your home on the market.  


Mold Testing

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Mold is everywhere. In fact, without it, we'd have buried the planet in waste long ago. It's purpose is to breakdown organic material. You can think of it as a natural recycling center, only very mobile. But, we want to limit the amount of mold we're directly exposed to as it has been known to aggravate allergies in people, especially those with asthma. It can even be harmful to individuals with compromised immune systems. 

It will also, over time, consume organic material like wood and drywall. As I'm sure you're aware, these materials are very important to the structural integrity of any building. So, there are two good reasons abnormal mold growth and spores should not be present in a living space or any building for that matter. 

If you suspect mold may be an issue in your living space, consider the following.


Choosing a mold testing company is easy. Look for clear results in an easy to read format delivered as fast as possible. This is why every test we perform is analyzed by our partner in lab services, InspectorLab. We overnight samples and they processed that day. The results are interpreted clearly and accurately. Either there are problem levels of mold, or there aren’t. Either there is mold
growth present, or there isn’t. The results are what matter and InspectorLab delivers every day.


We offer an exclusive guarantee with our mold testing services. If you have mold testing done with our company and the results are good, and you later see mold, we’ll pay to remove all visible mold. Get a copy of the terms and conditions of the InspectorLab Guarantee by calling our office today!


Your mold testing professional will determine the number of air samples that will be taken inside the home, along with an outdoor sample to compare the inside samples to as a baseline or control sample. Air samples can tell you if you have hidden moisture or leaks that are producing spores that may represent a health risk to you and your family.


  • When a recent or past water event is suspected.
  • A “musty” smell is noticed. » An occupant of the home is predisposed to respiratory distress.
  • Recent mold remediation took place and you want to verify the effectiveness.

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