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Know widely for its rich art culture, Laguna Beach also offers a unique background, teeming with interesting historical significance. It's stunning views, small town feel, and vibrant art community have always made it a sought-after place to live. In fact, Laguna Beach was the site of was the site of a prehistoric paleoindian civilization

If we could use one word to describe Laguna Beach, it would be “scenic.”

Laguna Beach hugs some of the most scenic coastline California has to offer. It's residents and visitors enjoy hiking through its canyons, surfing its beaches, and exploring its tide pools year round. You can expect the weather here to remain comfortable in any season, which is one of the most appealing parts of living within its borders. 

Home inspections in Laguna Beach typically require a closer look at the foundation and structure of a home. Usually, major problems with a foundation in this area are obvious and will be pointed out during a standard home inspection. However, it's not uncommon to have a foundation specialist complete a full evaluation. As with other coastal homes, you can expect more rapid deterioration of metal objects and structures the closer they are to the beach. This is due to the salt spray generated by the wash of breaking waves. In some cases, routine window cleaning is required to maintain a clear view of the beautiful coastline.

It's easy to schedule your home inspection in Laguna Beach. Simply follow the link below to schedule the inspection online or call us directly at 888-788-4228 and someone from our team will assist you!


Arguably the most beautiful and revered road in the State, probably the Country: Pacific Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, California

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