Post-Building Inspections

We've applied our skills and knowledge in home inspection to work in some meaningful new ways, with special innovations developed specifically for home builders. 


A New Type of Inspection

Typically, inspections occur as a result of a real estate transaction. We will either perform the inspection before listing (pre-listing inspection) or after an offer has been accepted during the escrow period. 

We’ve been able to leverage our knowledge and technological expertise to create another, entirely new type of inspection. We specifically tailored this “post-build” inspection for home builders. Whether the development is a multi-unit condo complex or a planned community, we create an inspection of the homes designed to catch embarrassing oversights, simple defects, and everything in between. 

Our reporting allows home builders to have a consolidated overview of identified issues on their project which they can use to systematically remedy before the home is sold. 

Our Philosophy 

Home builders don't intentionally overlook issues on a project. In fact, most would eagerly fix simple mistakes or omissions during the construction process because it saves time and demonstrates they care about the quality of their product. The trouble is that construction project managers have their own defined role along with the rest of their team. Simply put: they aren’t trained or equipped to thoroughly document defects in each home. And even if they were, they don't have the time. We normally spend between 2 - 3 hours inspecting a SFR. We serve as their second set of eyes and as a 3rd party to the project. We want to bring this consultative approach to every home builder. 



How it Works

When a builder is nearing the completion of a project, they contact us for a proposal. We conduct an on-site walkthrough of the property, review details, and write the proposal for their review. 

Upon acceptance of the scope, pricing, deadlines, and other terms, we get to work. A CPI (Certified Professional Inspector) will be scheduled to begin the inspection schedule as soon as possible. 

Secure online documents are then created to summarize progress throughout the project. All completed reports are available as they are written, so trends can be quickly identified. 


Additional Analysis

While the reports are the heart of our deliverables, we also compile a list of common issues noticed as we’re inspecting as well as user experience notes which outline our observations of lighting switch layout, installed automation systems, and other pertinent home controls. This documentation provides constructive feedback from a fresh set of eyes. 

We have seen how this incredibly innovative approach to inspecting new construction on behalf of the home builder saves hours of time and aggravation on the part of the home buyer.

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