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Example Pre-Listing Sign

Example Pre-Listing Sign

It's fair to say that no one really loves the inspection contingency. They are almost always surprises big and small that are revealed during the inspection. And the added stress of the negotiation often puts sellers on the defensive and buyers in a state of suspicion. 

That's why we developed the Coastline Pre-Listing Inspection Program. It's designed to ease seller's anxiety and blow buyers away with some great protections. 

How It Works

  • We inspect the home prior to listing.
  • Defects discovered during the inspection can be easily repaired without the urgency of a contingency and negotiation stress.
  • The home warranty is purchased through us and we add 6 months to the term of coverage. So, you're 12 month warranty turns into an 18 month warranty, free.
  • Our home warranty has the broadest coverage. Guaranteed. In fact, if there's a competing policy that covers something ours doesn't we include the coverage or refund the money. 
  • Listing coverage is included—no extra charge.
  • Our 5 year leak protection plan is included and transfers to the buyer.
  • We pay for professionally designed riders or stand alone signs advertising "Pre-Inspected - Includes 5 year roof leak protection + 18 month home warranty" [See example above.]

Please get in-touch before your next listing appointment so we can answer all your questions.

For more details on industry-leading home warranty, check out our home warranty page.


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